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Finish Options

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As a truly natural product, Heritage Natural Finishes contain no unpleasant odors or health concerns for your family and pets, please take time to learn more at their website. This product includes no unhealthy, harmful chemical drying agents which allows the oil to stay fluid longer, penetrating the timber deeper and adding greater protection and reducing large split sizes. The finish is custom tinted, so great versatility of colors are available. It leaves a natural oil rubbed sheen for a primitive, historically correct, beautiful rustic finish.

We use Heritage Natural Finishes end wax sealer with every finish option offered. This is a very heavy wax sealer that protects the most vulnerable timber surface, as unfinished end grain behaves like a sponge when subjected to water. The unfinished timber end grain draws large volumes of water inward, after all that was the natural pathway for water when your timber was still a tree. The untreated end grain also allows timber moisture content (mc) to escape faster, creating larger splits from the timber ends, if not properly treated. CRTC offers pre-finished timber frame only, as it’s critical for your timber to have all hidden surfaces properly sealed to avoid problems and premature failure of your timber frame project.

heritage natural finishes - Interior & Exterior

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PPG Proluxe Cetol 3 coat - Exterior Only

(Formerly Sikkens, purchased by PPG) This is a very durable product with the longest exterior life between maintenance coats, with a clear satin to semi-gloss finished sheen. It’s available in limited colors, but some custom tinting options are possible. The future maintenance coating is slightly more difficult and this product can be used on exterior work only. The initial finishing cost is slightly increased, as well as shop time as three coats are required with considerable dry time required between coats. The system utilizes a penetrating base coat for protection and then two surface coats with a furniture finished appearance. The base coat does not penetrate as deeply as our standard timber oil, and it’s not specifically designed to protect timber, but it's a very durable finish and a great choice for customers that want a clear finished look with a sheen.

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General Finishes water Base - interior only

This is a great choice for interior DF when a lighter color is desired, but the customer wishes to mask the wood's natural red tone.  Most thin bodied oil based stains do not work well on DF resulting in an undesirable “zebra stripe effect."  We normally use their polyurethane type, top line, ambering clear (wb) finish, which avoids the “white” appearance of clear water base finishes, leaving the more desirable warm glow of a typical oil base finish.  We recommend their flat sheen, which will still provide a clear finished furniture appearance.  General Finishes has a great product line with a good selection of stain colors, wood dyes, and even milk type paints for your other primitive furniture projects. 

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These are our standard finish options at Cedar Ridge Timber Company, but we’re always happy to explore other options with you as needed to match other products or decor.

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